Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, we have officially received our referral.  So what does this mean?  Well, it means that once we have our immigration paperwork (which should be anytime now) we can get our paperwork sent to Ethiopia and request a court date.  It means that shortly after that we should be traveling to Ethiopia for our court date and then a couple of months after that we will be traveling again to pick up our son.  This also means we can now let our son know that we are coming.  That he has a family waiting for him.

Of course this also means we need money.  With most adoptions, the money is paid in increments. For most families at this point in the process, they would only need to pay the amount for submitting their dossier. For us that would be about $7500.00.  Then they would wait for several months in which time they could raise the money that they would need we they accept their referral.  For us that is about $4400.00.  Then the family would wait a couple of months before they would need travel money which is going to be (for both trips) around $11,000.00.  Well, because we have done this in a expedited fashion we basically need $4400.00 today, $7500.00 next week, and $5000.00 about a month later, with another $6000.00 just after that.  Bottom line:  we need to raise some major money and need to do it now.  So, please help.  If you've been thinking about helping but were thinking you had time to do so, well, time is running out.  Remember that no amount is too small and your gift is giving a young man a family.  Thank you and God bless.