Saturday, April 10, 2010

In case you're wondering why our thermometer above went down......

When we started our homestudy, we had to pay for it upfront. At the time we didn't have the money so we charged it. We hated to do that because there is a service charge you have to pay with that, but we knew the money would be coming from our tax return soon. Well, the charge never showed up on our card. Since we now had money from the yard sale, etc. we went ahead and used that to pay for the homestudy. Since we still don't have our tax return, we decided to take that amount off until Uncle Sam finally gets that money in our bank. I know- you're probably thinking, "Why is she telling me all this?" It's just because when people are giving you money, I feel you should be very transparent with how it is being used. Hopefully the tax return will come in soon so that amount can go back up.