Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Passing Court...One Year Later

It was a year ago today that we received a phone call from AWAA telling us some very unexpected news. We had seen how things were going and we had resigned ourselves to not getting through the Ethiopian courts. This was our first time trying to get through court and it seems that most people did not get through until their second or even third try. There was always some piece of paper not signed or just missing or something. So as our first court date came we had simply thought of it as a dress rehearsal. We were quite surprised to find out that this was not a dress rehearsal and that we had indeed been granted by the courts of Ethiopia to be the parents of two wonderful boys whom we had never met but had fallen deeply in love with.

It seemed quite a remarkable thing really. A judge in Ethiopia, whom we had never met or spoken to, based on some paperwork filled out mostly by other people whom we had never met or spoken to, made a grand decision that forever altered the lives of Dottie and I, our children at home, and two boys in Ethiopia who were now, by the decree of this judge, Raymer boys. These two boys were now part of our family and Dottie and I were now their parents. On June 9th of 2008 Dottie and I were the parents of 2 children. Now comes June 10th and suddenly we are the parents of 4 including a 5 and a 6 year old boys living in Ethiopia.

One phone call, our family grows by 2 and in less than a month we would be on our way to Ethiopia to bring them home. June 10, 2008 was a remarkable day!