Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flip Video Camera

We are having a drawing for anyone that donates to our adoption between now and April 13th. You may donate on the ChipIn or you can send a check (see address to the left.) Just be sure that if you write a check, it gets here by the 13th. Thanks so much for your help. We're getting close!

If you are wondering where we are in the process, here's a rundown of what is happening next.
  • We have our final homestudy visit this Saturday.
  • We have our fingerprint appointment with USCIS on April 13th.
  • We will receive our approval from USCIS 1-6 weeks after our appointment. (We're hoping for closer to 1.)
  • If we have all the money that is needed once we recieve our approval, our dossier (all the official paperwork) will get sent to Ethiopia.
  • Once there, it will be translated and a court date will be requested. Once we get to this point, I will update you on what would happen next.
Thanks again for all your help!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Law

So yesterday afternoon, we were exhausted from  2 days of nonstop yard sale/stew. As we were packing up, one of the men from the church had a trailer hooked up to his truck that he hauled the gigantic stew pot cooker thingy in. Feromsa decided he wanted to ride home in the trailer. I of course said no. There was a bit of whining, please Mommy, etc. After he finally got in the van, he asked why he couldn't ride in the trailer. I simply told him that it was against the law. Feromsa wanted to know who made the law. Since I was completely exhausted and did not want to go into an extensive government lesson I said, "The police." There was silence in the car for approximately 30 seconds when Joshua decided to pipe in with this. "Actually laws come from the House of Representatives. Then it is passed through the Senate."

Thank you Joshua.

Gotta love that boy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Humble Motivation

As we continue to go through the fundraising process for our adoption I find myself thinking about the people who give.  It seems inevitable that you begin to consider the various people within your circle of influence.  Some people you just know are going to give.  Some people you know won't.  Some people are a definite maybe and if they do give you aren't surprised.  Some people you are pretty positive won't give but never the less you are hopeful that something you say or do will pull at their heart to give.  And then there are people who you don't expect to give and you really aren't looking to try and get them to. 

What is interesting though, is how many times your assumptions are wrong.  You just don't know who will give and to what amount.  This week Dottie and I received a very nice, and very unexpected donation.  It was one of those donations that causes you to sit down and be in awe for a moment.  What I have since found to be most remarkable about this donation is not only how humble we are in accepting it but also how it has motivated us.  One day, when this adoption is all said and done and we aren't digging in every hole for every penny we can find, we pray that we will be able to supply a similar surprise moment to someone else. 

Really, it is the least that we can do.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Need to Learn to Cook

As most of you know, I've been sick the past few days. Well I stayed home from church today. After the boys got home from church, I dragged myself out of bed and started cooking lunch.Upon seeing me Feromsa struck up this conversation:

Feromsa- "Mommy, you can't cook. You're sick. You should go to bed."
Me- "You guys need lunch and daddy is still at church."
Feromsa- "Let me help you."

So Feromsa begins helping me cook lunch. He helped me drain the meat.
Feromsa "This is good for me to learn."

He stirred in the spices.
Feromsa "I learn so I can cook for my children."

He added the cheese.
Feromsa " I so glad you teach me."

It had to simmer for 5 minutes while we stirred occasionally. Feromsa did the stirring and set the timer.

Three minutes into the simmer....
Feromsa "This is hard. Maybe my wife cook for me. I just come and sit down and eat."

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Friends, family, and blog readers,

Yesterday we received the news that Ethiopia has changed their policies on adoption.  The change that has occurred now states that a family will have to travel to Ethiopia twice in order to complete the adoption.  This means that there is now an increase in cost of another six to seven thousand.  Our total cost now will be somewhere around $32,000.00. 

Needless to say, on a small church pastor and public school teacher's salary we do not have this money.  So I am writing to you once again asking for your help.  Your assistance will not just add to our family but will literally save the life of the child we hope to adopt. 

As I have mentioned before, due to our son's age this adoption must happen quickly.  We simply do not have the luxury of raising a little bit of money here and a little bit there.  Our greatest fear at this point is that the adoption will be stalled (and worse, stopped altogether) merely for a lack of funding. 

As always, any donation is greatly appreciated but I would like to say that I know that there are those in this world who could drop a thousand dollars or more without even thinking about it.  I am asking that you read this, pray, deliberate, whatever you must do to find it in your heart to give to save this child.   Obviously, not everyone can give a thousand and we just ask that you give according to your means and according to how you feel led. 

I wish I could think of something else to say.  Something else to describe our feeling of desperation.  Something else to describe our appreciation to everyone who helps bring our son home. 

Thank you and God bless you.

In His grace, for His glory,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Can't Take It

Tonight the boys were watching tv in the living room while John and I were watching tv in our room. After a little bit, Bereket comes in our room.

Bereket- "I just can't take it."
Us- "You can't take it?"
Bereket- "I can't take it."
Us- "You can't take what?"
Bereket- "Sitting"
Us- "You can't take sitting? Are your brothers taking up all the room on the couch?"
Bereket- "I just can't take it."
Us- "So what do you want?"
Bereket- "Popcorn"

He makes me laugh.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I am on the other side of the house when I begin to hear "Mom" repeatedly. After the 2nd or 3rd time I assume that someone is in the bathroom and they are in need of toilet paper. So being the awesome mom that I am I simply yell back "What?" The only response I get is the repeated "Mom." I finally go to see what all the commotion is about to find my youngest lounging on the couch all cuddled up in a blanket. When he sees me there he looks at me and says "Can I have a donut?"


"No- you can't have a donut."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well, it's that time of year again when I get to contemplate my life.  You see next Monday (March 8th) is my birthday.  I get to think about the things I'd like to do and, of course, the things I didn't do but probably should have.  This year I turn 37.  Wow, I'm nearing 40.  This could get ugly.

However, there is something that could make this birthday really great.  Now I don't normally like to make too much fuss about my birthday, nor do I generally ask for anything.  However, this year I'm asking for gifts toward our adoption.  Any money for my birthday will go toward this great cause.  I'm hoping that this will be a birthday to remember. 

Thank you and God bless.

In His grace for His glory,