Thursday, March 11, 2010


Friends, family, and blog readers,

Yesterday we received the news that Ethiopia has changed their policies on adoption.  The change that has occurred now states that a family will have to travel to Ethiopia twice in order to complete the adoption.  This means that there is now an increase in cost of another six to seven thousand.  Our total cost now will be somewhere around $32,000.00. 

Needless to say, on a small church pastor and public school teacher's salary we do not have this money.  So I am writing to you once again asking for your help.  Your assistance will not just add to our family but will literally save the life of the child we hope to adopt. 

As I have mentioned before, due to our son's age this adoption must happen quickly.  We simply do not have the luxury of raising a little bit of money here and a little bit there.  Our greatest fear at this point is that the adoption will be stalled (and worse, stopped altogether) merely for a lack of funding. 

As always, any donation is greatly appreciated but I would like to say that I know that there are those in this world who could drop a thousand dollars or more without even thinking about it.  I am asking that you read this, pray, deliberate, whatever you must do to find it in your heart to give to save this child.   Obviously, not everyone can give a thousand and we just ask that you give according to your means and according to how you feel led. 

I wish I could think of something else to say.  Something else to describe our feeling of desperation.  Something else to describe our appreciation to everyone who helps bring our son home. 

Thank you and God bless you.

In His grace, for His glory,