Friday, March 19, 2010

Humble Motivation

As we continue to go through the fundraising process for our adoption I find myself thinking about the people who give.  It seems inevitable that you begin to consider the various people within your circle of influence.  Some people you just know are going to give.  Some people you know won't.  Some people are a definite maybe and if they do give you aren't surprised.  Some people you are pretty positive won't give but never the less you are hopeful that something you say or do will pull at their heart to give.  And then there are people who you don't expect to give and you really aren't looking to try and get them to. 

What is interesting though, is how many times your assumptions are wrong.  You just don't know who will give and to what amount.  This week Dottie and I received a very nice, and very unexpected donation.  It was one of those donations that causes you to sit down and be in awe for a moment.  What I have since found to be most remarkable about this donation is not only how humble we are in accepting it but also how it has motivated us.  One day, when this adoption is all said and done and we aren't digging in every hole for every penny we can find, we pray that we will be able to supply a similar surprise moment to someone else. 

Really, it is the least that we can do.