Thursday, February 28, 2008

You think you're done and then...

Well, it happened. I didn't read the instructions. We found out this week that we actually forgot something for our dossier. It was my (John) fault. I read the instructions but in my interpretation of them I ASSUMED that something was not needed and it actually was needed. I know what happens when you ASSUME something. I also know that I should have clarified my assumptions with someone who actually knew but I'm a man and that just didn't seem necessary.

So now, I have driven to Raleigh (a good 2 hours one way) twice now. Spent 2 days in Raleigh hanging out at a Barnes and Nobles. Spent a good deal of money on gas and Fedex-ing not one but 2 packages to AWAA.

Anyway, let's hope that everything is now done and done correctly.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dossier? DONE!!

Our plan was to run to Raleigh yesterday, get everything authenticated and sent off. Well an unexpected snow brought that plan to a screeching halt. So today the 2 hour trek to Raleigh was made. Everything was authenticated without a hitch and now our precious dossier is on its way to Duni- the Ethiopian program director at our adoption agency. Provided that everything looks good once Duni double checks it, we will be officially waiting for a referral. This could take months but we know it will all work out in God's perfect timing.

Our whole dossier! I like to think of this picture as our final sonogram.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13th is always a great day for us!

Exactly 10 years ago on Feb. 13th Dottie and I had our first date. Today we received that long awaited I-171 from the Department of Homeland Security! For those non-adoptive people out there this means we have official clearance from immigration to adopt from Ethiopia. It is the last major piece of paperwork needed. Tomorrow I'll be driving to Raleigh to get everything authenticated and then all the paperwork will be sent to our agency. Then the real waiting begins as we wait for our referral.

I really love Feb. 13th.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I like good toilet paper.

After our last post and the picture of small rolls of toilet paper, there has been much discussion about the toilet paper. It seems that many people want to know where to get this handy travel size of tp. Well, we got it in the travel size section of lotions, soaps, and deoderants at Target. However, I saw some today at Wal-mart in their travel section.

We were also asked about our packing list. Well, the fact of the matter is that we don't have one. One reason we haven't done one is because we are no where near ready to pack. Sadly enough we are still waiting on our blasted clearance from immigration. Another reason we don't have a list is that I am not a list maker when it comes to packing. I am much more a simply pack as little as possible kind of guy. I am amazed at how little we really need to survive. I am trying hard to convince my wife that it is just one week that is mostly in a hotel room, a restaurant, or a plane. If we happen to miss something (other than my camera) I think we'll live. However, as we get closer I'm sure my wife will have a list that I am sure to ignore.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Day and Trip Preparation

For Valentine's Day this year Dottie and I decided to use a gift card we had received for Christmas to go out to dinner and then to use another gift card we had also received as an adoption gift from Dottie's school to go shopping for a few items that we thought we would need for our trip to Ethiopia (a trip that will hopefully be much sooner than much later). The evening started off with a bit of a layover on HWY 220 as we waited for an accident to be cleared. We eventually made it to the restaurant to discover that this was not the restaurant that we had a gift card for. After a bit of driving around we eventually went to TGI Fridays. This wasn't what we were looking for but it was an appropriate place for us to be. TGI Fridays is where Dottie and I had our first date 10 years ago on Feb. 13. Anyway, after dinner we went shopping. This time the gift card we had was in fact for the store we were at. We bought a few essentials for our trip and spent an unbelievable amount of time looking at, smelling, and reading the ingredients of hair conditioning products in the "ethnic hair" aisle. Now be honest, isn't this the most romantic Valentine's date you have ever heard of?
Here's a picture of our big haul (minus the jumbo pack of toilet paper we bought for the house). $50.00 sure doesn't go too far.