Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I like good toilet paper.

After our last post and the picture of small rolls of toilet paper, there has been much discussion about the toilet paper. It seems that many people want to know where to get this handy travel size of tp. Well, we got it in the travel size section of lotions, soaps, and deoderants at Target. However, I saw some today at Wal-mart in their travel section.

We were also asked about our packing list. Well, the fact of the matter is that we don't have one. One reason we haven't done one is because we are no where near ready to pack. Sadly enough we are still waiting on our blasted clearance from immigration. Another reason we don't have a list is that I am not a list maker when it comes to packing. I am much more a simply pack as little as possible kind of guy. I am amazed at how little we really need to survive. I am trying hard to convince my wife that it is just one week that is mostly in a hotel room, a restaurant, or a plane. If we happen to miss something (other than my camera) I think we'll live. However, as we get closer I'm sure my wife will have a list that I am sure to ignore.