Thursday, February 28, 2008

You think you're done and then...

Well, it happened. I didn't read the instructions. We found out this week that we actually forgot something for our dossier. It was my (John) fault. I read the instructions but in my interpretation of them I ASSUMED that something was not needed and it actually was needed. I know what happens when you ASSUME something. I also know that I should have clarified my assumptions with someone who actually knew but I'm a man and that just didn't seem necessary.

So now, I have driven to Raleigh (a good 2 hours one way) twice now. Spent 2 days in Raleigh hanging out at a Barnes and Nobles. Spent a good deal of money on gas and Fedex-ing not one but 2 packages to AWAA.

Anyway, let's hope that everything is now done and done correctly.