Friday, March 7, 2008

Conference Call and Waiting

We had our first conference call with our agency. It was great for everyone to get questions answered all at once. We learned that in April there will be a "Waiting Children" list that people will be able to look at. We're excited about that.

We finally made a purchase for our future children. We have really wanted to shop for them but not knowing their sex or age has made that quite difficult. Anyways, we were in Wally World and they had electric blankets on clearance for $3. Can you believe it?! $3.00?!? So all the kids got new electric blankets.

I have also been working at cleaning out the current guest room. We figure that no matter what age or sex the new children will be, this room will be used by some child. (Sorry grandparents their is no more room at this inn.) It's amazing how much stuff you can store in a room that only gets used by visiting grandparents. Now I have to figure out what to do with all this stuff. I'm thinking Goodwill is about to get a whole lot of new inventory.

Going now to continue celebrating my birthday week.