Friday, March 14, 2008

Old Age, Old Times, and Typewriters

Well, last Saturday I (John) marked another year of living. Yesterday (March 13th) marked the 10 year anniversary of mine and Dottie's engagement. Such milestones in and of themselves can make one feel a little old. But just to make sure that I really felt old I also had the privilege the past couple of weeks to re-connect with my 6th grade teacher who is famous in my family for being my "favorite" teacher ever (you can read more about this on my blog which is In doing this I realized that more than 20 years has passed since being in 6th grade. 20 years is a long time isn't it? Well, then just today my son comes to me and says, "Dad, what are those old typing machines called that you actually put a piece of paper in and the bar moves across the top?" Yes, my son thinks typewriters are antiques.

Oh, the times they are a changing and I'm just getting old.