Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homestudy, etc

We received our homestudy in the mail today. That means copies will be made tonight and grants will be sent out tomorrow! We should receive our official referral soon. There is just a bit more paperwork that the in country staff is working on. Although I am excited to receive the referral, it's also a bit stressful. Normally when you send your dossier in, you send in a large chunk of money. Then when you receive your referral several months later, you send in another large amount. Well we are essentially doing these two steps at the same time. That means that we need another $12,000 in the next few weeks. That's a lot of money that we currently do not have. However, I completely believe that God called us to this adoption and that He will provide. This adoption has been a big step of faith for us and we are grateful for the many things God has shown us. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on this journey. We serve a big God and I know that $12,000 is nothing for Him.