Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tax Credits and Siblings...

Today we heard from our adoption agency twice. First they called us to say that they had received our contract and initial payment. They also wanted to let us know that a policy change had taken place. Fear struck me at this point, thinking they were about to say that we were no longer eligible to adopt. Fortunately, the policy change was not quite that dramatic. We had told the agency that we wanted to adopt two children and that we did not care if they were siblings or unrelated. The new policy (and we are not sure if it is AWAA's policy or Ethiopia's) is that when adopting more than one child they have to be siblings. Our response to this news - OK. We just know that we want two children. We aren't really concerned if they are biologically related or not. If the policy is that they will be biologically related, well that's fine. Fact is that when they are adopted they will be related and they will have 2 other siblings as well.

Later we received an e-mail from AWAA that alerted us to some very nice news. The state of North Carolina just voted to extend a tax credit for adoptions. Yea! Finally tax legislation that I am in favor of. Every now and then the politicians can surprise us.