Monday, September 17, 2007

Dossier Documents

Last week we received the packet that outlined all that we needed to be prepared for our home study. Today we received another gift package. This one detailed all that we would need for our dossier. For those unfamiliar with the international adoption process the dossier is the paperwork that will actually be sent to Ethiopia for approval. A lot of what you need for the dossier is what you need for your home study with a couple of very important extra details. For instance, the home study requires a birth certificate which I and Dottie both have. The dossier requires a birth certificate but it has to be certified from the state AND they must be sent to Ethiopia within 12 months of being issued. Well, my birth certificate is certified by the state but it was issued in 1973. Dottie's birth certificate is a little better - it was issued in 1988. Perhaps by the end of this adventure I'll learn to like paperwork - on second thought...

By the way just as we listed the stuff needed for the home study here is the stuff we need for the dossier:

1. Application Letter (Notarized)
2. Birth Certificates (State Certified and in Ethiopia within 12 months of being issued)
3. Marriage Certificate (Same requirements as Birth Certificate)
4. Death Certificate (also same as birth certificate requirements)
5. Divorce Certificate (again same requirements)
6. Physical Exam Forms (Notarized)
7. Proof of Medical Insurance (Notarized)
8. Proof of Life Insurance (Notarized)
9. Financial Information Worksheet (Notarized)
10. Employment Verification Letter (Notarized)
11. Home Study Report (Notarized)
12. 3 Letters of Reference (Notarized)
13. Criminal Background Checks (Notarized)
14. I-171H Approval Form (A Notarized Photocopy)
15. Power of Attorney (Notarized)
16. Agency Recommendation Form (Notarized)
17. Agency Post Placement Agreement (Notarized)
18. 2 Passport Photos of Each Parent (these don't have to be notarized!)
19. Photocopies of passports
20. Photos (2 photos of immediate family, 4 photos of family life - whatever that means, 1 photo of front of the house, 1 of the back of the house, and 1 photo of each of the main rooms - I bet that means will need to clean up first)

That's all folks! I wonder if this blog was supposed to be notarized?