Monday, September 10, 2007

The homestudy begins!

We got all of our information for our homestudy. We will soon be working with our social worker. She will come out to visit 3 times and we need to collect the following forms/fees for her:
  1. North Carolina Homestudy Agreement
  2. Home Study fee
  3. Post Placement Report Fees
  4. Autobiographies (1 from each of us)
  5. Birth certificates for our entire family
  6. Marriage certificates
  7. Divorce decrees
  8. Copy of driver's licenses
  9. Copy of social security cards
  10. Copies of our verification of employment
  11. Previous years W-2s
  12. Current income tax return
  13. Signed guardianship statement
  14. Copy of financial statement
  15. International disclaimer (What's that?!)
  16. Education history of both of us
  17. Our work histories
  18. Medical history form for everyone in the family
  19. Medical reports for everyone in the family
  20. Resident County Criminal Record Check
  21. Hillsborough County Criminal History check (since we have not been here 3 years)
  22. Sworn disclosure statements
  23. Credit reports
  24. America World reading agreement
  25. 2 relative references (Get ready parents)
  26. Responsible individuals list
  27. Homestudy Agency Post-placement agreement

Who knew that in the process of adopting 2 children, we would be destroying a small portion of trees in the rainforest!