Sunday, September 2, 2007

Life Outside of Adoption

It is amazing when going through the adoption process that your life can be overwhelmed with paperwork, studying about adoption, cultural and racial considerations, and of course, working your way through the hours of waiting for stuff to get done. It can be so overwhelming that people (particularly loyal blog readers) can begin to believe that nothing else occurs in your life other than adoption. I am proud to announce that there is more to our lives. For instance, I am about to celebrate my first anniversary as pastor of Deep Springs Baptist (hopefully some members of the congregation also feel this is a celebration). This week our kids started back to school. On the first day Hannah came home and said it was boring. Joshua came home and said he made new friends but he doesn't know their names. Dottie came home from her first day back teaching and said, "I'm tired and my feet hurt." I just enjoyed the peace and quiet in the house.

Last Saturday, Hannah rode in her first horse show. Hannah has been taking riding lessons for about 9 months now and loves it. She did nearly faint at one time. It was a bit of the heat and a lot of nerves but she made it through the day. Shortly after her near fainting incident she got on her horse and her mother asked her how she was feeling. Hannah replied, "I always feel better when I am on a horse."
That's just a little peek into our lives outside of the adoption process. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go and once again tell Joshua why he is not allowed to play video games that are rated "T" for teens.