Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Homestudy nearing end!

We received our homestudy draft from our social worker and are now reviewing it for any corrections. So far everything looks good. So hopefully tomorrow we'll have that sent back to our social worker and then another time of waiting begins. Hey I just realized Dottie needs to go get her second Hep A/B shot. I get to wait a couple of more weeks!

This has nothing to do with adoption but I had to share a few pictures from my lasting camping trip. There was a warm front that came through and the weather was just too perfect to not go and spend the night under the stars. I went to Stone Mountain State Park here in North Carolina. It was wonderful. Other than a couple of rock climbers, the park rangers and tons of deer, I had the park all to myself. It was great! Stone Mountain State Park is an amazingly beautiful park. The main feature, Stone Mountain, is quite a wonder to behold for sure. I'm sure there are larger granite domes in the world but when added to the shear beauty of the rest of the park nestled right along the Blue Ridge, well, it is definitely worth the trip. Anyway, here are the pictures:

"Stone Mountain"

"View of Stone Mt. from Cedar Rock"

A cool tree on Wolf Rock (by the way I got lost on Wolf Rock but that's another story).

I thought my Mother-in-Law would like this pic.

During this trip I saw 4 different waterfalls. Including the 200 foot Stone Mt. Falls which included taking nearly 200 stairs from top to bottom. But personally I liked these falls the best. This is Widows Falls. It may not be the most spectacular of falls but I thought it just looked cool.
I have nearly 180 more pics but I think this gives you a little look at why I loved this park.