Friday, September 17, 2010

Passing on Works of Faith

In college I had a professor who said the only real ethical reason to have children is to pass on your faith.  Obviously, I would like to be able to do just that with our own children.  Of course, Scripture teaches us that faith without works is dead and if the discussion that my children were having the other night is any indication of some of the work they are planning than hopefully it is an indication of the faith they have in God to provide them the ability to fulfill that work.  You see, the work they want to do is adopt. 

Somehow a discussion began on how many children they were going to have.  All but Hannah, who said she wasn't having children (which are words of a moody teenager who is just bothered by the fact that she is greatly outnumbered with 4 brothers but who didn't want to leave the babies in the orphanage in Ethiopia), said that they were going to have children and that they were all planning on adopting.  It seems to me that this is a good work of faith to pass on.

With 147 million orphans in the world who need a home, I hope you'll pass it on as well.