Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes I forget but we must never do that.

Last night we received a picture that was taken in January, 2008 at the Kid's Care Orphanage in Ethiopia.  In the picture, sitting side by side, were 2 boys who in 6 months would become brothers and would become our sons.   Seeing the picture struck me with overwhelming force.  In January of 2008, I didn't know that these 2 boys were alive and they certainly had no idea about me or Dottie.  In January of 2008 they were just 2 more forgotten orphans in a sea of orphans.  In January of 2008 they were just 2 boys wondering what would happen next?  Would they be in the orphanage forever?  Would they have a family?  Is there any hope?  In July of 2008 everything changed for those 2 little boys.  They were no longer in the orphanage.  They now had a family.  They now had hope.

I sometimes forget that my 2 boys were ever in an orphanage facing a future of great uncertainty.  I often forget, except in a very abstract way, that there are still little boys and little girls who are sitting in orphanages today, just like my 2 boys were in January of 2008.  Sometimes I forget but I, make that we, must never do that.  But simply remembering does no good if it does not move us to act.  Let us not have a child waiting in the orphanage.