Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Car Ride Home

Today we took Bereket to the neurologist. We were told that at one time he had seizures and has been on medication for them ever since. Well after many tests the doctor thinks that he no longer needs the meds. So we will be weaning him from the medication over the next 3 weeks. Please be praying that he doesn't have any troubles coming off the medication and that he no longer has seizures.

On the ride home Bereket wanted to make sure that Daddy and I understood what would be going on when school started. It went something like this:

We go to school in August.
Mommy go to school.
Bereket go to school.
Hannah go to school.
Feromsa go to school.
JoTo go to school.
Daddy no go to school. Daddy stay home.

Now repeat about 5 more times.

That was our car ride home.