Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is hard to believe that a year ago Dottie and I were in Ethiopia and on this day we went to the transition home to pick up 2 boys who forevermore would be a part of our family. I remember that we had met Bereket and Feromsa the day before and had been able to spend several hours with them. However, that day we had left them to stay at the transition home. I also remember that when we were leaving the transition home Feromsa was having a really hard time understanding why he was not going with us. On this day though we were going to get the boys and they would be going with us. Oddly enough I don't remember too much from that day. The whole week in Ethiopia seems such a blurr. However, I do not think that I will ever forget that first night in the hotel room. There in the bed next to mine and Dottie's was a little bed being shared by 2 wonderful, loving boys who were ours.

And now here we are a year later. Wow! Time really does go by so quickly. In the past year we have seen these boys grow in so many ways. We were all amazed at how quickly the boys attached to our family. It many ways it seemed as if they were always apart of this family. The love they have brought to this household simply can not be measured. We have also been amazed at how much they have grown. Physically, they have literally grown out of their clothes several times. The changes in their personalities as they have learned to speak better English and as they have become more comfortable is simply mind-blowing. Feromsa had always been a very talkative boy from day one. Bereket on the other hand was a very quiet boy - until recently.

In this past year the boys have met and fallen in love with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. It is a testament to the caretakers at the orphanage that Bereket who lived at the orphanage for nearly all 5 years of his life is so wonderfully affectionate. Both boys freely give their affection to their new and extended family.

Also, in this past year the boys have swam in the ocean, hiked the mountains, have fallen in love with french fries, Coca-cola, Sprite, Yellow Sprite (Mt. Dew), Wii, swimming, trampolines, and Wal-mart. They have played soccer. They have gone camping and want to go again! In the past year, Feromsa has tried hard to understand how Jesus can be dead one day and then alive the next. Bereket has tried hard to understand just how a mirror works. They have picked apples, blueberries, and have personally eaten enough bananas to keep Dole in business for years. They have been amazed at the "magic" van (it has automatic opening doors). And in the past year they have been nothing short of one of the greatest blessings to this family.

We can't wait to see what the next year brings.