Monday, June 16, 2008

An Update

Here's our update from Rachel-
Bereket and Feromsa LOVED the care packages from their family! It was very exciting, and all the other boys were jealous. Of course, they are very good about sharing, so everyone has enjoyed the goodies. They love to look at the pictures of their family in America!
Bereket went to the doctor and is being treated for an ear infection. Feromsa has been coloring up a storm, and there are lots of pictures for his new family when they arrive. Feromsa is also quite the story teller. The nannies describe him as a good and honest boy.
Here at home we have been getting quite a few questions lately. Maybe this will help:
1. When will you travel?
Not sure, but we think we will find out this week.
2. Are the boys related?
Now they are.
3. Can they speak English?
Very little- a teacher works with them 4 times a week at the transition home
4. Are you nervous?
No, not really. The plane ride makes me more nervous than bringing our boys home.
5. Are they black?
See above picture
(By the way, there is nothing wrong with Bereket's mouth- he's just making a weird face.)