Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A rose by any other name...

Well, Dottie and I received a small video today of our youngest boy. Needless to say that we have watched it numerous times. In the video he is seen eating spaghetti and throwing a soccer ball. He is just a sweet little boy who as Dottie likes to say, "Needs his Mommy to hug him." Sorry we can't share it with everyone yet. Hopefully soon.

Dottie (and my Mother) believe that we have names for the boys. We are planning on keeping their Ethiopian names and adding to them. For the longest time we had been thinking about the names Josiah and Jeremiah but Dottie has issues with the name Jeremiah. I love them both for no other reason then the theological connection. Dottie now believes that the names Isaiah and Malachi would be better. You may think that there is good theology behind those two names and that should be fine but I have always felt more of a connection to the Biblical Josiah and Jeremiah. Never the less, I told Dottie that we can use Malachi and Isaiah but that she first has to tell me something about these men other than the fact that they were prophets. We shall see what she comes up with.