Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Santa Scheme

Thursday night we had the official tree lighting ceremony at school. So we went and enjoyed some holiday music while the kids gathered around the tree waiting for the tree to be lit. Soon after they officially lit the tree, the big guy arrived- Santa. Feromsa and Bereket were REALLY excited about this and all of the boys immediately start scheming. They decide that they should all ask him for an X-Box 360 w/ Kinect to increase their odds of getting it. (Mom and Dad had already said no since we already own a Wii and a ton of games.) Joshua told them he wasn't going to see Santa- after all, he is a big 5th grader. So Feromsa went first (somehow he ended up at the front of the line- I'm sure it was his charm!) He asked Santa for the X-Box 360 w/ Kinect and was feeling good. Bereket finally arrived at the front of the line (after giving the advent calendar that was only given away to the first 50 families to the girl in front of him that didn't get one.) He intently spoke with Santa and finally it was time to go home (12 hours at school is a really long time!) So as we're walking out I asked Bereket "So what did you ask Santa to bring you?" Bereket excitedly responds "Toy Story 3 and Toy Story glasses." Feromsa then shouts "WHAT?!?! YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO ASK FOR AN X-BOX!! WE MADE A PLAN!!"

So much for scheming against Santa. ;o)