Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our adoption is nearing its final stages. We wait to hear about our court date and to make our plans to travel to Ethiopia.  Now a court date means paying to travel to Ethiopia and that takes money - more money than we have.  Dottie and I were starting to worry because we have yet to hear if we received any grants and fundraising has come to a halt (there are only so many times you can beg people for money). 

As our worries mounted we were surprised Saturday to receive an unexpected donation from a family who has not only already donated considerably, but has also done a tremendous amount of work to help us in our fundraising efforts. 

Then this evening there was a knock on the door by a family who were looking for the pastor of the church next door.  Now if you are a pastor living in the parsonage next door to the church and someone comes knocking on a Sunday night looking for you, well, you begin to worry.  It turns out that this was a family who are friends of another family who heard about our adoption. These people, that we had never met, dropped by to hand us a check to help out with our adoption.

Sometimes, I even amaze myself that I worry at all.  Let me just say it, God is good.