Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Working for a Living and Timeshare News

Well, I've [John] been working this week in Charlottesville, VA at my friend's bookstore buying back used text books from weary and poor college students who are thrilled to be done with exams.  By the way, for the parents who initially paid for those text books it seems that most of your children are planning on NOT giving you the money for selling those books (most will be buying beer).  Anyway, I've already received my first paycheck for this new, albeit, temporary job.  I'm missing my family and not sleeping well at the hotel (pillows here are worthless) but it is money and you do what you got to do bring your son home.  And I should say, that I am grateful for the opportunity to raise the extra money.  Oh, and if you are in the Charlottesville area, stop by the Budget Inn on Emmet Street between 10 and 4.  I'll be glad to meet you.  If you have college kids here tell them to take their textbooks down to the guy at the Budget Inn (not to the guy at the Marathon gas station).

On another fundraising front, I just got word from one of my aunts that she is giving us some timeshare points to sell.  I'm still gathering all the required information on this but I do know that it is a good number of points that can be used at many different awesome places.  I'll have more on this later as I get more details.

It just seems that everyday, there is something more to amaze me.