Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Here is an interview with one of the kids in the process of being adopted through AWAA.

Child Interview: Life here from a 10-year old girl’s perspective

What do you like about the Transition Home?

  • I’m very happy living here. I like to play with the kids and the toys. I love all the staff and I don’t like it when some of them leave to go to their homes at night.

What is something you love to do?

  • I love going to church. I wish I could spend the whole Sunday there. I like learning lots of things. Last week we learned that we have to respect the things God has given us. Plus, after church we get to go to the pastry shop and eat cakes and drink orange soda.

What do you think America will be like?

  • (with a huge smile) I think the country is beautiful. I have seen pictures of the beach and lakes, but they also seem kinda scary.

Why are you excited about being adopted?

  • Because I love my adoptive family and I’m ready to see them.

What will you want your new family to know about Ethiopia?

  • I will tell them how much I love the people in Ethiopia. I can teach them about the cultural dresses and the food.