Thursday, November 22, 2007

Time flies when you are havin' fun but mostly around here it has just been getting through the mundane aspects of life. Dottie just asked me to update our blog and I first had to look at what the last post was. It seems that it has been a while since we last wrote anything. So, let me update you. In the past couple of weeks we have continued to get a few more of the documents that we need for our dossier. Dottie got her first round of shots (Hep A/B and Tetanus). I finally made my appointment to get my physical. Frankly though, it seems that things have slowed down somewhat. Not much more can happen until we get our fingerprints and are approved my immigration. Never the less, things move forward. One really great thing happened. We received our first official donation to our adoption fund. It was great to get it not just because of the financial help but because of the emotional support that was behind the giving.

Today of course we celebrated Thanksgiving. We had turkey and a wonderful apple pie that Joshua and Dottie made. For the most part we spent the day relaxing and going through sales ads. It was a good day. I have noticed that throughout the day I have found myself thinking about next Thanksgiving when our house will have 2 new children who know nothing about this holiday. I've also been wondering what they are doing today in Ethiopia. Hoping that, even though they aren't celebrating Thanksgiving, that they are having a good day and eating well. In what may seem strange to some people, I suppose I have been missing our kids today. I dwell for a moment on those thoughts and then come back to the now. I hear Joshua talking about a new cartoon. I hear Hannah blowing her nose (again). I hear my wife giggle at our goofy kids. Life will be different next year. Life will be good next year. But life is good this year too.

Happy Thanksgiving.